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Ziarat, a hill town, 8000 feet above the sea level

Date Published: Aug 14 , 2012

A visit to Quetta will however, be incomplete without a trip to Ziarat whichis 133 km from Quetta, its only 3 hours drive by car, a hill town 8000 feet above sea-level, air-conditioned coach and taxis take anything between an hour or two from Quetta an ideal and relaxing summer retreat with rows of juniper trees and ever green slopes.

The word Ziarat means holy place to be visited and the valley is known by that name because of a shrine of a holy saint, Tahir Baba Kharwari. There are other graves as well. However, the world knows it more because of the oldest and tallest juniper jungle, which needs to be looked after properly for future survival.

The picture shown above is the state guest house where Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah spent his last days when he was sick. This place is considered pollution free, natural beauty and fresh air have good impact on human health. Here you can find extremely delicious species of apple, black cherry and almond trees are abundant in Ziarat, covering about 4416 acres in the lap of mountains.

While Ziarat abounds in tall chinar trees and juniper grows wild as does walnut and a variety of other trees, the area west of this hill station leading up to the Afghan border is rocky and barren. The drive through this unfriendly terrain provides one the grim reminder of the fierce tribes who roamed free in the region and kept the British weary and fearful. The border village of Chaman is also a major trading centre for a variety of fruit, a large quantity of which is still brought in from Afghanistan.

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