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Mangos, mostly known as the King of Fruits in Pakistan

Date Published: May 19 , 2011

In Pakistan mango is named as "King of the Fruits" which is also the national fruit of Pakistan. Pakistan’s yearly mango production is over a million, Sindh province produces almost 50% of the total production whereas Multan District is famous for providing the best quality. A large quantity of mangoes come from Rahim Yar Khan, where mangoes are cultivated on more than 30 acres of land.  Many other places in Pakistan produce mangos; Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Tandojam, Tando Allahyar, Tando Jan Muhammad, Digri, Sadiqabad, Shaikh Wahan, , KoatAddu, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Vihari, Okara, Faisalabad, Jhang, Mianwali Qureshan Zahirpur, Nawab Shah, Naushero Feroz, Khairpur Mirus, Ghotki, Bahawalpur, Shuja Abad, Muzzaffar Garh, Toba Tek Singh and Sargodha are also very famous for mango production.

There are many varieties which are grown in Pakistan, but some varieties are very common, such as Sindhri, Langra, Chaunsa, Fajri, Samar Bahist, Anwar Ratole, Dasehri, Saroli, Tuta Pari, Neelam, Maldah, Collector, Bengan Phali, etc but the Sindhari called the king of Mangoes.

Mangos are held in high esteem all over the world and is considered to be native of Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent and eastern Asia. They are to be found in nearly all over the tropical regions of the World, therefore known as "The King" of all fruits. It is worth mentioning that on the wedding of Price Charles and Princess Diana, mangos from Pakistan were served to the esteemed guests.

Mangoes have many healthy benefits. They are rich in Vitamin A and they are good for the eyes because they contain retinol which promotes good vision. They have beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Mangoes are free of fat and cholesterol. They help form and maintain healthy teeth, skeletal, soft tissue, mucous bone, and skin. Mangoes are rich too in vitamin C. They reduce risk of cancer. They contain vitamin K that protects bones from fractures. They are good source of vitamin B1, which is an "anti-stress" vitamin. They prevent migraine too and help promote fertility in both men and women.
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