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Balochistan, a plethora of tourist attractions

Date Published: Aug 27 , 2011

There is a plethora of Tourist Attractions in Balochistan that is definitely worth a visit. A province of Pakistan, Balochistan is home to a number of places for sightseeing. A major provider of natural gas to the country, Balochistan has the Arabian Sea on its south. The Tourist Attractions in Balochistan is many, which are frequently visited by tourists. Some of the well-known Tourist Attractions in Balochistan that you can visit on your trip to Balochistan include;

Quetta City: The capital of the province of Balochistan, Quetta City is the ideal place to explore the land of Balochistan. There are many places of interest and various options for amusement in Quetta. The city houses two museums - the Archaeological Museum and the Geological Museum.

Pishin Valley: A beautiful place dotted with a number of fruit orchards, the Pishin Valley is renowned for being home to the man-made lake with Bund Khushdil Khan.

Ziarat Town: This hill town is perched 8000 feet above sea-level. This scenic town is dotted with rows of juniper trees and lush green slopes. In fact, the oldest and tallest juniper jungle in the world is in Ziarat.

Mehrgarh: The latest discovery of ancient civilization, Mehrgarh was supposedly a civilized society in the 7000 BC. At present, Presently Mehrgarh is considered as the antecedent to the Indus Valley Civilization.

Sibi: This historic city is one of the popular Tourist Attractions in Balochistan. The city is an important junction on the Sind-Peshin railway. It is a mountainous region with three passes - the Bolan, Mula and Harnai Passes.

Gwadar: Situated on the southwestern coast of Pakistan, Gwadar is a charming place marked by a unique concoction of cultures. Some of the places of interest around Gwadar are the beautiful Kulanch and Dasht valleys.

map of balochistan

The Picture shown on the top is the bridge on railway track leading to Quetta City.


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Ziarat, a hill town, 8000 feet above the sea level

A visit to Quetta will however, be incomplete without a trip to Ziarat whichis 133 km from Quetta, its only 3 hours drive by car, a hill town 8000 feet above sea-level, air-conditioned coach and taxis take anything between an hour or two from Quet Read.More.»

Quetta is an excellent base for exploration

Quetta is an excellent base for exploration of Balochistan. When you are in the hilliy area of Quetta, Kan Mehtarzai is only 2224 meters, the highest railway station in Asia, is a two-hour drive away. Loralai, the almond bowl of the country, is 26 Read.More.»